Groundhogs and Wooly Worms
You are listening to the sermon from 02/05/17
Faith Wesleyan Church in Rockford IL.

Scripture texts: Job 1

Synopsis: The human penchant to blame has a major effect on our view of God. It is crucial to admit that negative views of God result directly from our reluctance to take responsibility for the difficulties we or other humans create. To improve our view of God, we must upgrade our willingness to take responsibility. If we were willing to face the truth about our part in the events and circumstances in our lives, we would begin to be emotionally better and our relationship with God would improve in spades. If the truth were told, most of the events and circumstances in our lives are generated by what we think and what we do. How can we love and know Him when we constantly put God in the doghouse for the results of our choices. When we stop blaming God, we can truly see how beautiful He is.

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