Finding A Noah In A Haystack
You are listening to the sermon from 04/27/14
Faith Wesleyan Church in Rockford IL.

Scripture texts: Genesis 6

Synopsis: There is much debate over the new Noah movie. However, there is no debate that this movie does not resemble the story of Noah as found in the Holy Bible. The things that are most troubling about the movie is that people will think that it’s Biblically accurate, they will not understand God’s purpose for the Flood and the Bible will be libeled by people who have never read it. The story of Noah, as presented by the Bible, is one of the world’s most important moral lessons. It is a lesson that has gone missing from the movie. The story of Noah, as presented by the Bible, illustrates one of God’s most highly placed values: righteousness. God is interested in our moral exceptionalism. We Wesleyans call it holiness. Holiness is considered an archaic ideal. But holiness, righteousness, moral exceptionalism... whatever you want to call it, is not out of date. Before we are ever called to be anything, we are called to be holy. To be set apart as the Lord’s.

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