A Dog’s Life
You are listening to the sermon from 06/11/17
Faith Wesleyan Church in Rockford IL.

Scripture texts: Matthew 5:5

Synopsis: Jesus, in this Beatitude especially, deals with the ultimate question, What is the good life? Our culture says, those with the most toys when they die, wins. Our society says, blessed are those with great bodies. Blessed are those with the right clothes. Blessed are those with fabulous hair. Blessed are those with cell phones, cars, laptops and iPads. If you are in the pursuit of the good life, you do all you can to get all of these, plus more. Jesus teaches us that the good life is only found in inheriting the earth by being meek. The meek are sensitive towards Godís will. They are strong in character. They refuse to compromise their principles. But blended in with this strength, is a gentleness. Meek people seek to leave others with their dignity. They seek to respect others because they are made in Godís image. It isnít in the meekís nature to insult or run over others.

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