Holy Tortilla
You are listening to the sermon from 07/09/17
Faith Wesleyan Church in Rockford IL.

Scripture texts: Matthew 5:8

Synopsis: We can legislate behavior with laws, but we cannot change the essence of a person’s morality. Morality flows from the inner nature... the heart. Purity of heart can be forced on no one. These young Irish girls are an example of that. We each must make that choice of purity of heart for ourselves. In Jesus’ teaching, He is encouraging us to make the choice for purity because the reward is incredible: We will see God. The purity of heart Jesus is getting at in this Beatitude goes much farther. This purity of heart describes a single-minded devotion to Christ and living as a focused disciple. In this single-minded focus, Jesus frees us from anything which might hinder us from serving and following Him fully.

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