Time to Listen
You are listening to the sermon from 07/30/17
Faith Wesleyan Church in Rockford IL.

Scripture texts: Matthew 5:10-12

Synopsis: There has never been a time in Christian history when someone, somewhere, has not died for their association with Christ. The 20th century was been the most violent in recorded history. It created the largest roll call of Christian martyrs ever recorded. In the 2000 years (give or take...) of Christian history, about 70 million faithful have given their lives for our faith. Of these, 45.5 million -- a full 65% -- were in the 20th century, according to the book, The New Persecuted. Each year, our world still sees tens of thousands (some even estimate hundreds of thousands) of Christians martyred. Brave Christians who refuse to give up their faith, a faith so strong that it allows them the fortitude to die for their Lord. Jesus is painfully honest, telling us that we will face persecution for being Christians. If a society will persecute and murder God- become- Man, a society will eventually persecute and murder His followers. If we are going to be Christians we’re gonna suffer for it, one way or another.

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