Rules of the Road
You are listening to the sermon from 08/20/17
Faith Wesleyan Church in Rockford IL.

Scripture texts: Matthew 5:17-20

Synopsis: Jesus teaches that God’s laws come as a whole. Those who believe there are any of God’s laws that are too small or irrelevant to obey are unworthy of the Kingdom. Jesus emphasizes the indivisibility of God’s law in verse 18. Jesus says we are obey it to the finest detail. We are to obey it down the the size of an apostrophe or the foot on the letter l’. Our attitude toward God’s laws are directly related to authority issues. Somebody, somewhere is the boss of you. You can’t get around it. People don’t like being under someone else’s’ authority, and haven’t liked it since the beginning of time. Our submission to God and His laws shows that we honor Him. Our submission to God’s laws shows that He really is our God. By giving us His laws, God has shown us how much He cares about our well being. We should actually thank God for His laws and rules.

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