Killing Me Softly
You are listening to the sermon from 08/27/17
Faith Wesleyan Church in Rockford IL.

Scripture texts: Matthew 5:21-26

Synopsis: Words actually do hurt. Scientists performed a test where brains of volunteers were scanned during verbal abuse. The tests revealed, inside the human brain, words can hurt in the same way that breaking a leg can. The same parts of the brain are activated by mean words as a physical wound! No wonder Jesus said those who use vicious words toward others were worthy of judgment. We must execute the murderer in us. We need to deal a death blow to the attitudes of murder. Everyone has good points. We should seek them out and dwell on them, especially in today’s climate. The names and labels we are using on people we disagree with is exactly what Jesus was talking about. The names and labels we are using are meant to be malicious, in many cases. Jesus says, Don’t do it. Contemplate what words we label others with. Contemplate the attitudes of hatred, jealousy and anger that we allow to live in our hearts. Find a way, before Christ to release them.

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